1.Quick Press of the Lock Button Toggles between Time or Freq display

2.With Power Off press and hold Memory Button 4 for 2 seconds to set Clock (C) or Frequency (F) default display (a very unusual and welcome feature)

3.With Power Off Hold the Bandwidth Button down For 5 Seconds to set the Default Bandwidth

4.Press In on the Tuning Knob to toggle between Fast or Slow Tuning speed

5.Press In on the Tuning Knob While In Air Band to turn Squelch Off or On and rotate it to set Squelch Level.

6.With Power Off press and hold Memory Button 3 for 2 seconds to disable or enable Beep Sound

7.During Alarm Setting pressing the UP Tuning Button toggles between Wake to Beep or Radio

8.With Power On Press 1 and 2 simultaneously to toggle between Music or Voice modes

9.With Power Off Press Buttons 4 and 6 for 5 seconds to reset all defaults